Get The Best Traffic Results For Facebook Ads and Bing Ads as a Newbie

Get The Best Traffic Results For Facebook Ads and Bing Ads As A Beginner

How to get the best traffic results for Facebook ads and Microsoft ads as a beginner. You want to make money? Most are usually stuck at just what traffic source you should spend your money on. I’m gonna help break down the keys, so you can figure out which one is best for you.

The Differences Between Social And Search Traffic

To get the Best Traffic For Facebook Ads you must distinguish Social and Search operate completely different. Social ads and searches are completely different. With search ads, it’s intent-based. People are coming on there specifically to type in certain phrases and keywords that are gonna trigger your ads. You can find people who are looking exactly for the type of offer you may be promoting.

If it’s some type of survey offer that says how to make money online, it will be triggered on that specific keyword phrase. That’s intent based and is more targeted, the more you know of the intent a more likely chance of it converting. With Facebook it’s social people aren’t on there intentionally searching anything specific they’re really just browsing.

So that’s the main key difference.

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What’s The Right Platform For You

Facebook has the Best Traffic For Newbs in CPA. You can get the best traffic results from Facebook ads because there’s a lot more traffic you can actually reach a higher audience.

There’s people there browsing from all different countries, and not just searching. You have to really understand your targeted traffic interest, and what demographics usually line up with those topics .

Learn how to implement your tracking into your lander platform. Make sure you grab your tracking tokens and implement It in your tracker, that’s gonna be the most important thing. To optimize correctly and scale a winning campaign you need to be familiar with tracking software and tracking tokens. Get that set up on whichever platform you a using.

Best Traffic For Newbs CPA

The learning curve is over a week or two weeks they’re both newbie friendly. To see high click-through rates you want to make sure that you have click-able copy. Make sure that the audience you’re targeting is the people actually interested in that particular content. Coincide your Call To Action with the headline. The more congruent it is, the more clicks you’ll get.

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That’s how you’ll be able to generate a high click-through rate. Use words that sell, phrases that sell, I would suggest follow the guidelines if you’re on Facebook. You can running traffic tonight or tomorrow whenever you want to set this up. Make your decision get started as soon as possible.

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